A New Year for Parents: How you can stay connected to CCCyouth in 2014


Hello and Peace to all the CCCyouth Parents!

I (Kyle) have started a blog for you, the parents of the CCCyouth, in order to keep you included in our ministry and service to you and your students.

I’m seeking to do several things with this WordPress:

1) Close the gap between us.

Too often I feel a lag between what I hope the students are sharing with their parents and what they actually share. I want to be hopeful, but also realistic…even if the youth are excited or impacted by something in their lives they might not remember to share it or know how to. I will be posting regularly on what we are teaching the youth from month to month so that you will have the ability to stay in the loop and might more readily enter into meaningful conversations at home. I will also post reminders of upcoming events and event details regularly. 

2) Pass along wisdom.

I don’t really mean my own wisdom, but the wisdom I dig up in studies and conversations with others. I have the luxury of focusing on students and faith and I regularly come across good resources and thoughts from others who have been serving students and their families much longer than I have. I often come across articles, books, quotes and talks that would benefit anyone called to disciple students–parents being the primary shepherds in their children’s lives.

3) To cast vision.

I am very eager to get my vision out to the parents of CCCyouth–this is one of my big goals for the year. I want you and future parents to build confidence in CCC’s Student Ministry because you have heard our mission and clearly understand why Youth Ministry is still needed and how it can be used to build God’s Kingdom.

Also, I would love more parent involvement! You all have spiritual gifts and resources that could serve the students in ways beyond our current capacity. My hope is that you will see how we have built our ministry around the called and gifted people of God–not simply fun events. “The harvest is plentiful, so let’s throw a pizza party and give away an Xbox” is not how I remember the verse going. Our ministry hinges on faithful workers sharing the Word…and you can be a part of it.

4)  Hear from you.

As I post about events, teachings, and prayer requests, I would love any and all of you to comment and add thoughts. This can be a place where Iron sharpens Iron.

I’m asking all parents of CCCyouth to make this simple blog a priority. Pass it along to other parents with teens in the home. I will not post soapbox opinions or flood you with too much. But, I will ask for prayer and encourage spiritual growth in homes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I’m praying and hoping for a great year with good growth. I will share some of CCCyouth’s big goals for 2014 in the following weeks.

To start off the year, I want to share an important talk with you that was given by a friend and fellow youth director in Birmingham, Alabama. Take some time to consider the implications of this message for your life and the life of your students.


Peace and love!

Kyle W

2 thoughts on “A New Year for Parents: How you can stay connected to CCCyouth in 2014

  1. Hey Kyle, it’s the Humphreys family. Never blogged before so I assume you just hit the “word bubble” to comment. What is the entries RRS and comment RRS under the META heading?

    Laura has been having a small get together/bible study with some girls from Ormond Beach Middle School with the goal to get some like minded girls who can stay accountable with each other as they traverse from middle to high school next year. She has found some great short videos online that she would be happy to share on your blog. We would love to find out any ones that you have found useful as well.

    1. Hello Humphreys and thanks for inquiring!

      RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically. RSS feeds also benefit users who want to receive timely updates from favorite websites. The “entries” rss will subscribe you to all posts made by me on this blog, while the “comments” rss will subscribe you to all comments–like the one you made–on this blog. I recommend subscribing to them to make sure you don’t miss anything. I will, however, send out an email and Facebook blast whenever I make an important post. Most browsers have built-in rss readers, or you can use free programs…I like Feedly–http://feedly.com/index.html#welcome

      The girls Bible study and small group is a great idea. I’m glad to hear about parents engaging with their children’s(and children’s friends) faith. Send me a link on Facebook or email (kwhitehead@cccdaytona.org) with those videos; I’d love to check them out and repost! I haven’t encountered any one great resource, but I’ve found a number of different things…videos, studies, discipleship material; and some of these are meant for youth while others are to inform the parents. Can you email my church email address with the email you would like to use most? Thanks again for your inquiry! Looking forward to a year of more parent interaction.

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